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Stages of a Product Launch: Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch

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How to launch

If your goal is to attract more traffic to your content, or to make massive sales, you should follow the LAUNCHING process.


A launch is nothing more than a marketing campaign with a particular goal.

The goal is usually selling a product, but it can also have the goal of doubling your mailing list size, or attracting people’s attention to one of your offers (even if it is a free offer, like a podcast).

In this episode I walk you through the 3 stages of launch: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.

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This is the stage where you get everyone excited about your launch.

You can run ads, send emails to your list and go on a social media spree trying to get everyone excited for what you are about to show them.

There are a few ways to do this type of countdown sequence. A few of them are:

  • Do a challenge
  • 4-part video series
  • Series of blog posts
  • Webinar


Your launch begins as soon as your cart opens (on the day of your webinar, or the last day of the challenge or video series).

In this phase you share the sales page for your offer, and send messages to your audience to remind them when the cart will close.

It is important that you continue to provide great content during this phase.

Once your audience has added the item to their cart, this is a good time to offer an UPSELL.

An upsell is an offer that makes the original offer a sweeter deal. It should be something that complements the original offer and makes for a better experience.


Once your cart closes, you have the option to provide a DOWNSELL.

The downsell offer is a trimmed down version of the larger offer, which should appear to folks who were not ready for the larger leap, but are still engaged and would like to get value from premium content.

Once your downsell expires, it’s time to follow up and find out why people didn’t buy.

This is something that is best achieved through phone calls, or a survey.

Download your free Launch checklist

To help you with this, I created a checklist to help you plan you first big launch!

Listen to the full episode for a more detailed description of a launch and don’t forget to take home your freebie!

What is a launch

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