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Reprioritize your time & Replace your salary

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When I was working full time, I set out to find out where on this green Earth my time was going ONCE and for ALL!

So I tracked every single thing I did for 2.5 months, and I learned that I DO have free time, I was just choosing to use it in non-productive ways.

I also learned that if I have time to track my time every 15 minutes, I DEFINITELY have more free time than I thought 😉

In this episode I share with you the 4 KEY things I did when I started (and I still do!) to manufacture my own time out of thin air, and work on my dreams even as I lead a super busy life.

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Don't have time?

Yes you do, you just don't think that your dreams are important enough to follow. If I'm wrong, you'll join me in this challenge. It's time to fix your time problem.

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