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Going To Events Alone: Overcoming Solo Anxiety

In this episode I show you how I got over all my worries in a matter of minutes, and what I did to meet more people I could establish long lasting friendships with.
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Ina Coveney

How the big shots make the big bucks

Once you start making the 6-figures and the 7-figures, you have a machine behind you to generate that kind of income in a consistent basis.
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Ina Coveney

Business is not a new year’s resolution (Get your mindset ready for success)

In this episode I walk you through why your business should not be a new year's resolution. The only way to succeed is to not give up. Ever.
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How to publish a book

How to publish your book with Steve Dimmick

If you are anything like me, you have spent countless hours googling how to publish a book. It's a thing you do. Some people play Candy Crush, you google literary agents and blog posts detailing how others got their book deals.
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Rebecca Parson

How to sell in your emails with Rebecca Parson

We all do it. We all send out emails to our audience and not even mention what we do, what we sell, or for how much. But we are shortchanging ourselves and our potential customers!
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How to get clients on LinkedIn

How to get clients on LinkedIn with Mark Firth

Some people think that LinkedIn is just a place to put up your resume and look for jobs. What many don't realize is that the same people who are on Facebook are also on LinkedIn, and it is much much easier to find potential clients on LinkedIn than by retargeting on Facebook! That's exactly what Mark Firth and his community of Linkedpreneurs have managed to do: day by day, week by week, get clients using LinkedIn.
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Online Traffic

5 ways that prioritizing TRAFFIC grows your business

By the end of this episode you will know why prioritizing online traffic to your content is crucial to your business's success. I wasted almost 7 years in my business not thinking about building an online community. In this business, your audience is your currency. The more you have, the more you can get, and the more your business will grow.
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Limiting Beliefs

How to overcome your limiting beliefs around money

Money mindset is the combination of your beliefs around money, who deserves to have it, and how much you're allowed to have. In this episode I uncover my own money mindset by telling you about my money story, in hopes that it will help you overcome your own hangups.
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What is a Launch?

Stages of a Product Launch: Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch

Want to double your list size and make massive sales in just a few weeks? Then you are ready for your first big launch!
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How to do market research on Facebook

How to do market research on Facebook

Facebook can be a wealth of information when it comes to learning about your niche. Opinions gallore! You just have to know where to look.
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