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Hi! My name is Ina (rhymes with "Lena")

My greatest fear: Retiring from the company that hired me out of college.

To our parents, a steady 9-5 job was all you needed.

Loyalty. Hard work. Pension. You were all set.

Not for me.

Me, who wanted to be an inventor growing up and designed new contraptions for fun at age 9.

Me, who at age 18 was the first in my family to move abroad for college to make a better life for myself and for them.

Me, who at 23 already knew I wanted to quit and work for myself.

But my life had taken a straight-line course.

I could see my future: climb up the ladder, get the family and the picket fence, and retire.

I saw myself retiring with a pension, and just hope I mustered enough courage in my next life to do things differently (if reincarnation was a thing, I guess).

I felt trapped. Because...

There was always a good reason NOT to quit my job:

My company was sponsoring my work visa. Couldn't quit.

My company was paying for my MBA. Couldn't quit.

We lived on 2 incomes. Couldn't quit.

Just had a baby. Needed the money. Couldn't quit.

I actually liked my job.

NONE of these reasons were "excuses."

They were legitimate reasons to stay on a responsible course and move upwards in my life.

So I took matter into my own hands and started using my free time to advance my own agenda.

I took control in an environment where I felt like I had none.

And so... I did things.

  • I studied chemistry
  • I read fiction books
  • I wrote a fiction blog
  • I entered programming competitions
  • I took the teaching standardized test
  • I served as a substitute teacher
  • I volunteered at a suicide hotline
  • I made websites for small businesses
  • I volunteered at hospitals
  • I helped a business with their finances
  • I started a business with a friend
  • I practiced creating mobile apps
  • I kept a cooking blog
  • I hosted 2 podcasts
  • I kept learning French
  • I got my MBA
  • I took a class on medical terminology
  • I started blogging

If I could learn it, I could do it

Trying different things showed me RESOURCEFULNESS.

If I could learn it, I could do it.

And there was nothing I couldn't learn, if I put my mind to it.

I went from feeling trapped, to feeling POWERFUL.

I resolved to not live a life full of regrets.

I was going to do whatever I wanted, and nobody could stop me.

I'm here to show you that you are unstoppable.

I am here to show you how to turn your idea into a business.

I'm here to show you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I'm here to tell you that 10 minutes a day is the least you can do for yourself. 3 hours a week, even better.

There is nothing you can't learn with a little bit of time, consistency, and prioritization.

That thing that's been on your mind for years?

You can do it.

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