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The 4 Secrets Millionaires Live By, and We Brush Off

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Today I’m talking about the secrets that millionaires live by.

Here’s the thing, we all know these things already. But what we do is we brush them off and don’t put them into practice.

The people who have truly made it have these things ingrained in them.

The rest of us hear these things and do nothing with them.

That’s what makes a huge difference between us and them. It only takes a mindset shift to start these four things, but mindset shifts aren’t easy.

So what are these 4 “secrets” anyway?

I was just talking to a friend who is looking to start their own business part-time. One thing he was saying to me is that he was dead scared knowing that 80% of businesses fail and feeling like we has just going to be a statistic.

He felt like he needed a plan B.

It’s not like a life in corporate is bad, but if you’re anything like me and my friend you have that sinking feeling that staying there is a waste of your time and life.

Starting a business and succeeding is all about mindset.

So how do you get into the 20% of businesses that make it?

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Millionaire Secret 1: Having a Clear Vision

You may be fine staying at your job forever, but you know that’s not what you want to do.

Having a vision isn’t made up of a bunch of negative statements. “Well I know I don’t want to be in a cubicle forever,” or “I know that I don’t want to retire through this company,” or “I don’t want to be doing this later on.”

A vision needs to be positive!

“I want my life to look like this,” or “I want to make money by doing this.”

Your vision has to be BIG.

More importantly, it has to be something you believe in. And it’s hard to make a vision from scratch. That brings us to our next secret.

Millionaire Secret 2: Have Role Models

Find the people that have the life that you want and follow them! If you don’t have your vision cut out, looking at how other people became successful can help you figure it out.

Once you find these people, find their story and find out how long it took them to get to where they are now.

You’ll find most people who have found success took just one or two or even five years to find the life they wanted.

Learn from their pitfalls, learn from them!

It will start telling your brain: “If they can do this, so can I.”

Millionaire Secret 3: Stop thinking about your Plan B.

I know a lot of people who quit their job and started a business. Then 4 months later they have to go back to their corporate job because they ran out of money.

I tell people that this is fine. This is not you quitting, and this is not you falling back on a Plan B.

This is you making ends meet.

The way I make my own ends meet is by making websites on the side. You need to pay your bills, but don’t give up on the dream. Keep on working and keep on learning.

Stop giving yourself a deadline.

There will be no immediate gratification, it will take time and it will take work. Giving yourself a deadline is a surefire way to fall into the 80% of businesses who fail.

Millionaire Secret 4: Never Give Up

When you listen to stories of the people who you start following you find out that there was no easy journey for everyone.

There is no perfect path. Everyone has obstacles and roadblocks.

At one point or another everyone thinks that maybe they should give up but people who succeed don’t give up.

So above all else, never quit!

And that’s it! Those are the 4 secrets millionaires live by, and we brush off.

I’m gearing up myself for a really exciting 2019. I haven’t been selling anything for the past few weeks because I’m planning a brand new webinar.

It’s going to be all about how to monetize your passion and from there I’m launching my new program: “IV League School.”

The “IV” stands for Idea Validation.

We’re going to talk about what you want to do and who you want to target and we’re going to go out and do research.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you are going to know who you’re marketing to and how you can monetize your passion project. During that time you’re really going to get clarity on your business idea and knowing how to market to your audience.

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